Siquijor travel guide: discover the best island in the Philippines

Siquijor is one of our favorite islands in the Philippines. It has everything you need: beautiful blue waterfalls, pristine beaches, and breathtaking sunsets. And the best part? It’s not as crowded (yet) as some of the other islands. This means you can truly enjoy an authentic Philippines island vibe. We spent 3 incredible days here and loved every moment! This Siquijor travel guide will show you the best things to do, the best places to eat, and where to stay. Let us help you discover the best island in the Philippines!

What to do on Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls

Siquijor travel guide: Cambugahay Falls

If you’re up for a day of fun, we highly suggest checking out Cambugahay Falls. This multi-tiered waterfall is one of the island’s coolest spots! The scenery is incredible, with beautiful blue waterfalls surrounded by lush greenery. Spend the day swimming, sunbathing, cliff jumping, and swinging on ropes. Our favorite was the first level, where you’ll find the rope swings. If you’re looking for a more secluded spot, hike all the way up to the top where there’s less people.

The easiest way to get there is by renting a scooter. Parking your scooter is free of charge, and the entrance fee is just 50 pesos, about € 0,80. Want to use the swing? It’s only an extra 50 pesos for unlimited turns! Arrive before 9 AM to enjoy this beautiful spot without the crowds.

Pitogo Cliff

Siquijor travel guide: Pitogo Cliff

Pitogo Cliff was definitely our favorite spot on Siquijor, for two reasons. First, the scenery is absolutely stunning! You’ve got some cool rocks, a small cabin, and ocean water everywhere you look. Just walking around here is a really fun experience.

But the second reason is the thrill. There are several spots to jump in the sea from, very exciting and even a bit scary! The lowest point you can jump from is 3m (10 ft) high, but there’s also a 6m (20 ft) and even 12m (40 ft) spot! Since it was low tide, we could only jump from the lowest point. During high tide you can safely dive from the higher spots, too, but we’re not sure if we’d dare that. The moment we looked over the edge of the lowest spot, our hearts dropped a bit already. 😂

Even if you’re not into cliff jumping, you can use the stairs to get into the sea and swim around. No matter what you do at this place, fun is guaranteed! The entrance fee was just 30 pesos per person, which is about € 0,50. You can also buy some sodas and banana cake from the lovely ladies at the entrance.

Paliton Beach

Siquijor travel guide: Paliton Beach

We had to include Paliton Beach in this Siquijor travel guide, since it’s the best sunset spot on the island! The sunsets at Paliton Beach were so magical that we ended up at this place every night. You can buy some drinks from one of the stalls and watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand. There’s a small fee of 20 pesos (about € 0,30) to access the beach, collected by people on the side of the (only) road to the beach. Totally worth it!

If you want to know more about Paliton Beach, we highly suggest checking out this Paliton Beach guide from Kate and Mike’s Travels.

Fun fact
Alcoholic drinks are cheaper than most other drinks these stalls offer! Kelvin bought a delicious rum and coke for 50 pesos (about € 0,80), whilst Thysia had to pay 60 pesos for a can of Fanta (just under € 1).

Where to eat on Siquijor

Twenty4 Restaurant and Burger Bar

Twenty4 Restaurant and Burger Bar Siquijor

After exploring Cambugahay Falls, we were really hungry and decided to stop at Twenty4 Restaurant and Burger Bar. This vegetarian (and vegan) friendly restaurant is just a 5-minute drive away from the falls. Let us tell you, this was a great choice! Kelvin had an incredible beef banh mi with grilled bulgogi beef and kimchi. It felt like a taste of Vietnam. 😉 Thysia had the roasted veggies panini, which was also really delicious. We definitely recommend this place to anyone who’s hungry after visiting Cambugahay Falls!

SEE-KEE-HOR Cafe and Hostel

If you’re craving pasta or pizza, we recommend heading to SEE-KEE-HOR Cafe and Hostel. It’s a small ride away from Paliton Beach, a great place to enjoy dinner after watching an amazing sunset. We tried their basil pesto shiitake pasta and beef birria pasta, both dishes were incredible and full of flavor! We also tried the shiitake pizza, but we preferred the pasta version. They also have some fun appetizers like hummus and tzatziki that come with a delicious flatbread. We really recommend getting either (or both) if you’re looking to have dinner with multiple courses.

Luca Loko

Luca Loko Siquijor

Our favorite brunch spot on Siquijor is definitely Luca Loko. Their smoothie bowls are amazing, and their homemade granola is to die for! We recommend the Tropical Island bowl with banana, mango, and pineapple. If you want something savory, try the shakshuka.  What’s nice about this place is that you get a great bang for your buck. Our stomachs were so full after eating here, and everything was super delicious.

Roadside Diners

For a budget-friendly dinner with a local touch, Roadside Diners is the spot. It’s nothing fancy, but the prices are great, and the portions are very big! We tried the vegetable curry and chicken green Thai curry, and both dishes were so good. We paid around € 8 for both dishes, making it a super affordable dinner. And even though this place is very basic, it still has a great vibe and atmosphere.

Where to stay on Siquijor

▶️ Read all about our stay at Mandala Tribe Treehouses.

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