Hi there!

I’m Thysia

Besides traveling, I have two other great passions: photography and writing. I could spend hours editing photos and writing out our adventures. I’m also the one who prepares our trips (sorry Kelvin, but it’s true). From bucket list destinations to hidden gems and great restaurants, nothing goes undiscovered! Last but not least, I have a weak spot for sunsets so I am trying to catch as many as I can.


I’m Kelvin

Ever since we purchased the DJI Mini 3 Pro, I have been playing around with our drone to try and get those amazing shots! Whether we are planning a road trip, a city trip, or just a weekend getaway, rest assured that our drone will come along so I can capture our adventures. While I may not be as much of a planner as Thysia, the rush of excitement I get from stumbling upon affordable plane tickets is what I love the most.

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