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Diner 66 Da Nang: the ultimate comfort food experience in Vietnam

Remember those classic American diners straight out of the movies, with their bottomless drinks, hearty comfort food, and retro vibes? Well, after experiencing a few on our US road trip, we couldn’t shake off the craving. So, imagine our excitement when we discovered Diner 66 in Da Nang! Farewell, Vietnamese cuisine – for now – and hello to the ultimate comfort food experience at Diner 66 Da Nang. Oh how we loved our dinner at this place!

Diner 66 Da Nang

Ultimate comfort food experience at Diner 66 Da Nang

Diner 66 Da Nang felt just like stepping into a classic American diner. Bright neon lights, a checkered floor, and the iconic booths and bar with red stools – it was exactly what we hoped for! The 50s music playing in the background and the nods to American culture, like the Route 66 references, added to the charm. We’ll tell you, they absolutely nailed the vibe with their attention to detail! Despite its small size, about three booths and around ten bar stools, we found the intimate setting quite cozy and inviting. In the US it’s usually the bigger the better, but we actually like this approach too!

Now, let’s talk about the menu. It’s quite extensive, offering everything from breakfast items that you can enjoy all day to comfort food like burgers, wraps, pasta, and even salads for those craving something lighter. They also serve up traditional mains like meatloaf, schnitzel, and fish and chips so you’re spoilt for choice. And don’t forget about the desserts – they’ve got tempting treats like apple pie, brownies, and those iconic milkshakes! So yes, make sure you’re hungry when you visit this place. 😉 In the next paragraph, we’ll share what we decided to order.

Our recommendations

Diner 66 Da Nang

We couldn’t decide on just one dish from the menu, so we ended up ordering a few to share. And, surprise surprise, we may have ordered a bit too much – but who can resist? We went for the chili dog, grilled cheese, veggie burger, and cheesy fries. Plus, we couldn’t pass up the offer of bottomless lemon iced tea. Unlimited refills? Sign us up! Kelvin might’ve abused the bottomless iced tea a little bit, as we stopped counting after the fifth glass. 😂

Our top pick was the grilled cheese. It was the cheesiest and tastiest we’ve ever had, with that extra touch of a parmesan crust on the bread. It was a grilled cheese like no other we’ve tasted before! Kelvin also really enjoyed the chili dog. It was so big and flavorful, definitely a step above your average hot dog. The fries and veggie burger were decent but nothing extraordinary.

And now the best part: we paid around € 25 for all this, which is pretty affordable! The bottomless iced tea was just € 2,5 per person and we each drank (at least) 3 of them, so totally worth it. They also have a bottomless coffee option at the same price, but that’s more a breakfast thing. Also, we’re not really coffee drinkers anyway. 

Diner 66 Da Nang is a lovely spot if you’re looking for the ultimate comfort food experience. Quality and vibe wise, it’s on par with what we’ve experienced in the US. We think it’s a really nice spot to hang out with friends or for an original date night!

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