Martin’s Patershof: unique church hotel in Mechelen

Here at Tasting Sunsets, we’re always on the lookout for extraordinary and memorable accommodations. Today, we’re excited to introduce to you Martin’s Patershof. Picture this: a former church, its majestic architecture preserved and enhanced, transformed into a breathtaking hotel. It’s a place where original church details have been lovingly restored, offering guests a one of a kind experience. Welcome to Martin’s Patershof: a unique church hotel in the heart of Mechelen.

Martin’s Paterhof

Martin’s Patershof is a former church that has been transformed into a gorgeous hotel. Each room is unique, featuring original church details such as arched vaults or stained-glass windows. Prices start from € 100 per night, which we find very reasonable for the unforgettable experience you get in return.

Pro tip for the Belgians among us
Did you know you can pay for your stay at Martin’s Patershof with ecocheques? They obtained the Green Key label, this is an international ecolabel for tourism and leisure which allows you to use those cheques for your stay. Definitely a win-win if you ask us!

Martin's Patershof: unique church hotel

We stayed in the Great Plus Room. This is a spacious room with stained-glass windows, so so pretty! When we entered the room, we couldn’t believe our eyes. It is THAT beautiful! In addition to those amazing windows, we also had a whirlpool bath. This came with all the necessities you can think of, like bathrobe and slippers, shampoo, conditioner, soap,… The room was very spacious, the mattress and bed were comfortable and the attention to detail was just sublime. Our room was just perfect for a romantic overnight stay. 🥹

Breakfast buffet

Martin's Patershof: unique church hotel

For an additional cost, you can also have breakfast here. The additional cost is either included in the booking price or will be € 23 when you check in. Normally we always head into town for breakfast, but since this hotel is so stunning we wanted to experience their breakfast as well. Let us tell you, this was a great idea! The breakfast takes place in the former church choir, truly a magnificent setting! It all adds to the vibe of the hotel, and we love that they keep everything in theme. 

Martin’s Patershof offers a healthy buffet breakfast with fresh fruit, different kind of eggs, cheese and charcuterie, and a lot of pastries and bread. Plenty of choice! We even got a glass of cava with our breakfast, a nice touch. They also have 4 types of juices, so make sure to try them all out. 😉 Our favorite was the mango juice, but Thysia liked the grapefruit one as well (too bitter for Kelvin’s taste).

You can ask the staff to customize your eggs and other dishes, too. A great touch and awesome service. We started off with a savory breakfast, then continued with all the pastries, and topped it off with a customized egg. Breakfast for champions! If you come to stay here overnight, we definitely recommend booking with breakfast included!

Our thoughts on Martin’s Patershof

Martin’s Paterhof is one of the most unique and breathtaking hotels we have stayed in! It really is a one of a kind experience and we were very pleased with our stay. The staff is super friendly, which we also find very important. The overall picture at Martin’s Patershof is just perfect, We can’t wait to come back and try out the other rooms!

Since we always write honest reviews, we want to mention a little downside as well. Martin’s Paterhof offers parking for € 30 per night, which we think is quite a lot. We paid a total of € 244 for an overnight stay with breakfast and late checkout, we think this price should also include parking! Because of this, we looked elsewhere and found a cheaper parking (€ 24) that was less than 2 minutes away. Every penny counts!

This does not change the incredible experience we had, we recommend Martin’s Patershof to anyone looking for a unique stay. Our only tip is to look for nearby parking lots. 😉

Where: Karmelietenstraat 4, 2800 Mechelen

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