The best brunch hotspots in Barcelona

When we are traveling, we also want to be able to relax a bit and not get up early every day. That’s why brunch is the perfect way to start a day full of sightseeing. The brunch scene is Barcelona is so strong, which can be a bit overwhelming when you are trying to decide. That’s why we made a list of the best brunch hotspots in Barcelona. If you’re looking for the trendiest and most delicious brunches in town, keep reading and we will tell you more!

Brunch & Cake

Brunch & Cake

One of the most famous brunch places in Barcelona is Brunch & Cake. This place is known for its dishes that are a true work of art and was on our bucket list for a looong time. When we finally were able to visit, we were not disappointed!

We went for the Next Level Avo Toast, because never enough avocado. 😋 We also chose the Big Brekkie Burrito. It’s a giant burrito filled with cheese, chicken, eggs, sausage, peppers and so much more. Both dishes were very tasty, they were also very large portions at a reasonable price so definitely worth it.

To get the best seat and not have to wait too long, we recommend arriving as early as possible. We noticed it got crowded really quickly like 10 mins after we arrived! This, coupled with the fact there were only 2 waiters for the whole place, means you’re in for a long wait if you arrive too late. This applies to most brunch spots by the way. The later you arrive, the longer you’ll have to wait and the less likely you are to get a cool spot!

Having said that, we couldn’t really complain about the waiting time. We got our drinks (a glass of cava and a freshly squeezed orange juice) under 5 mins after ordering. Our food arrived less than 10 mins after our drinks so really nothing to complain but just make sure you arrive early!

Check the locations here.

Good to know
If you choose a spot on the terrace, there is a small supplement price you pay, so don’t be surprised when this is added to your bill. This was the case with us a few times, it is always mentioned on the menu (near the bottom).

Eat My Trip

Eat My Trip

Another hot breakfast spot in town we had our eyes out for months, was Eat My Trip. This place was only a ten minute walk from the place where we were staying as well! You can choose to either eat inside or outside, because the sun was already there we decided to eat outside.

The menu contains both sweet and savoury dishes, so there’s something for everyone. Thysia had the guacamole toast and Kelvin went for the chicken thai burger. Both the presentation and the taste were good, and on top of that, it wasn’t expensive at all! For about € 20 we had two dishes, a fresh smoothie and a chai latte. Definitely not much money for such good food.

We really recommend visiting this place if you’re in for a great breakfast at a low price. Eat My Trip is also located about 15 minutes walking from any major attraction in Barcelona. No matter where you’re staying having breakfast/brunch here is always a possibility!

Where: Carrer del Consell de Cent, 378


The best brunch hotspots in Barcelona: Gabby's

One of our favorite brunch spots was definitely Gabby’s. Although every brunch spot we visited had creative dishes, Gabby’s stood out even more. Here’s why: bottomless mimosas for only € 12,95. Do we need to say more? 😉

But that’s not all, if you like original, never-had-before dishes, you MUST try the Kimchi Belgian Waffle. Topped with fresh avocado and sweet chili sauce, this was undoubtedly the most delicious and original brunch we have ever tasted. One bite might be the sweetness of the waffle, the next one is more spicy because of the chili and kimchi, really amazing combinations. A must-do when visiting Barcelona!

We also had a Bikini Croque Madame, which can be described as a grilled meat and cheese sandwich topped with 2 fried eggs. All around the plate, they added some roasted baby potatoes and truffle mayo as well which was literally to die for!

They divide their dishes into sweet or salty as well. If you’re looking for some regular American pancakes or French Toast with caramelised banana make sure to check the “sweet-part” of the menu!

Only downside we have to mention, is that Gabby’s is less centrally located than the other spots we mentioned. It was a 15 minute walk from our room near the Arc de Triomf. If you’re located around La Sagrada Familia (30 min walk) or Plaça de Catalunya (35 min walk) put on your hiking shoes or order a cab through Cabify!

Where: Carrer de Ramon Turró, 93

El Arbol

El Arbol

We’re always on the lookout for trendy, original Brunch spots no matter where we go. If you’re looking for a cheap but cool brunch spot, El Arbol is the place to be. For less than € 13 we had a sandwich with goat cheese and an avocado toast with a poached egg. This was definitely a good breakfast spot for the price because the dishes were fairly simple yet tasty.

What really made us put El Arbol in our list was the value for money. We got large portions, the quality was fine but the prices were so low we had to include them!

That’s why when you’re in Barcelona only for a couple of days, we recommend checking out our other recommendations first. If you are visiting Barcelona for a longer period of time, it’s definitely worth coming here to have a budget brunch that’s still very tasty too.

Where: Pg. de Sant Joan, 33 or Carrer d’Aribau, 36

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