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Restaurants in LA you need to try

If we had to choose one highlight of our week in Los Angeles, it would undoubtedly be the diverse and amazing food scene. From tasty dumplings and mouthwatering sandwiches to fine dining, LA has it all. Obviously, you want to experience the best of the best. And that’s exactly why we made this guide with restaurants in LA you need to try. From trendy brunch spots, spectacular rooftops, and fancy spots, we cover it all!

Our favorite breakfast and brunch spots


Restaurants in LA you need to try: Openaire

To prepare for our road trip, we watched a lot of movies that were filmed in the US. “Your Place or Mine” was one of these, this film was set in both LA and New York. At one point, Ashton Kutcher is having breakfast in LA with the son of his best friend. We didn’t really pay attention to the scene, as we were too busy watching the restaurant itself. We immediately fell in love with this place! The interior was gorgeous, so we decided to do some research about this restaurant. And that’s how we ended up at Openaire!

Openaire is part of the LINE LA hotel, located in the heart of Koreatown. We had breakfast in the greenhouse, we absolutely loved the setting! There are numerous plants hanging from the ceiling and the light is just beautiful. On top of that, there were little birds that flew in and out of the greenhouse at all times. We felt like we were having breakfast in a Disney movie or fairytale! The bar itself was also a real masterpiece. There’s also an option to sit on the outdoor terrace near the pool, but the greenhouse is definitely more impressive!

On to the food, then. Our waiter suggested to order one sweet and one savory dish. So on his recommendation we ordered the huevos rancheros (savory) and the french toast (sweet). The french toast came with caramelized bananas and lots of syrup, so good! The plate was absolutely packed with French toast and bananas! It was almost impossible to finish it (but nothing a little help from Kelvin couldn’t fix 😉). What we really liked is that they used cereal (cornflakes) to make the crust of the toast, we never had that before!

The huevos rancheros were two eggs with black beans, avocado, and tomato salsa. It was also a little spicy at times, the seasoning was absolutely on point! Both dishes were delicious and so flavorful. If you’re looking for a wonderful breakfast spot with great food, Openaire is the place to be. Their menu is rather small, but they make up for it for the quality of their food!

Where: 3515 Wilshire Blvd



We already mentioned Eggslut in our Las Vegas travel guide, but also thought it was worth adding to our LA list. One reason for this is that Eggslut tends to offer different sandwiches at different locations. Their menu’s are different depending on where you go! And besides the fact that Eggslut has the most delicious egg sandwiches ever, something else caught our eye in LA. First of all, where we had to queue for over an hour in Las Vegas, there were like 5 people in LA! We could order right away, and had our food within 15 minutes. Such a difference compared to Las Vegas! But what struck us the most were the prices. Eggslut is cheaper in LA than in Las Vegas, we really don’t know how this is possible. We are not complaining though!

If you need a reminder what to order: make sure to try the Fairfax sandwich! A warm brioche bun filled with soft scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and sriracha mayo, such a flavorful combination! It was our absolute favorite, and we tried four different ones. This time we also tried the truffle hashbrowns, these were great as well!

Check the locations here.


Restaurants in LA you need to try: République

One of our followers recommended having brunch at République. This is probably the most famous brunch spot in LA, both for the amazing food and setting. The historic building, originally erected by Charlie Chaplin, is just gorgeous! The setting feels so authentic, we absolutely love it. In addition to the bakery, you can also order some innovative brunch dishes like a lobster omelette or kimchi fried rice.

Kelvin ordered the short rib breakfast burrito. It came with a fried egg, black beans, cheese, avocado, and chili sauce. The burrito was a little spicy but truly delicious! Thysia went for the vegetable frittata with asparagus, zucchini, spinach, and goat cheese. This was also very good, but the frittata at Flap Your Jacks has our hearts and cannot be beat. Since République is known for its French-inspired bakery, we also shared a passion fruit pastry. We normally prefer salty instead of sweet for brunch, but this pastry was incredible! We totally understand why this is such a famous brunch spot.

Pro tip
You have to order right when you come in. We sat down for about 15 minutes until we realized no-one came to take our order. 😂 At the counter, you can choose the pastries you want to bring to your table. They hand them to you then and there so you can take them to your table. You also have to order your brunch dishes over there, so make sure to grab a menu before ordering!

Where: 624 S La Brea Avenue

Our favorite lunch and dinner spots

Great White

Restaurants in LA you need to try: Great White

When we visited Venice Beach, we stumbled upon Great White. It looked like a cozy place, so we decided to have lunch here. What a gem! The interior was simply beautiful. Very modern, all white (as the name suggests 😉) with lots of wooden accents. We love it! The staff was also dressed in all-white, which really added to the atmosphere.

If you thought the interior was the star, wait until you see and taste the food. We decided to order some sharing dishes to get a good look on the menu. We ordered the avocado dip, the salt and pepper squid, and the citrus burrata. The food was even tastier than it looks, and that’s saying a lot. Everything had so much flavor, and the combinations were simple but perfect. Burrata combined with citrus, squid combined with some salt and pepper,… Delicious! And that attention to detail in the presentation, what a delight. 😍

Check the locations here.


Our first stop in LA was Elephante. We had heard a lot about this restaurant, so we had high expectations! This enchanting Italian restaurant combines captivating aesthetics with delicious food. Not to mention the ocean view! If you do get a chance to pick your own table, make sure to ask for one near the “railing”. You’ll have the best views, and you’re as far away from the noise as possible!

On weekdays, Elephante offers an express lunch. For a little over 30 euros ($35) you get to choose one starter, one main, and one dessert. Talk about an amazing deal! When we saw this, we immediately went for it. How could we let an amazing deal like this pass us by?

We ordered the mascarpone and prosecco arancini and the fried calamari as a starter. The mascarpone and prosecco arancini were delicious! The fried calamari was also very good, but we prefer the salt and pepper squid from Great White. 😉 Nevertheless, it was a great start to an amazing meal!

As a main course we had the cacio e pepe pasta and the pasta with vodka sauce. Both dishes were delicious, but the pasta with vodka sauce was truly heavenly! It was a bit spicy and had so much flavor. We almost wanted to order a second plate, it was that good. Whenever we’re in the US, we always look for pasta (or pizza) dishes with vodka. It’s something we rarely see in Belgium so we have to order it.

We ended our 3 course lunch with a mango and pineapple sorbet. This was a great ending to a perfect lunch. We normally don’t go for desserts, but we can honestly say that this light sorbet with some mango really helps digest the amazing food.

We also tried some cocktails here, and their signature cocktail “The Elephante” really stood out. You can choose your own alcohol (tequila, vodka, gin, or rum), which is really great. There are so many times that we don’t go for a cocktail because it contains a liquor we don’t like. Not this time! We went for the one with vodka. The cocktail was sweet and spicy at the same time, really difficult to explain! We have never tasted a cocktail like this before but can say we are big fans! Honourable mention for the “Other Side” cocktail that Kelvin really liked. This is a cocktail with bourbon and watermelon, a really fun combination! You still get that strong bourbon taste, but the watermelon adds something soft.

Pro tip
If you plan on having lunch or dinner at Elephante, be sure to make a reservation in advance. Without a reservation, you probably won’t get a seat. It’s a very popular spot and the place is almost always packed. Don’t forget to select the Sunset Room as well for the best experience!

Where: 1332 2nd St

The Ivy

The Ivy

The Ivy is known for its rich and famous clientele. We were curious to discover the fuss and hype about this restaurant, so we decided to make a dinner reservation. We were lucky and got one of the most-wanted tables on the gorgeous outside patio! The setting is so cute, with a lot of flowers and lights everywhere. There’s also the option to dine inside. Whilst the interior is really nice, it even has a cozy fireplace, we really prefer the outside patio! And don’t worry if you’re visiting in the winter, there are gas heaters to keep you warm.

We ordered the passion fruit martini and the tropical martini, really tasty cocktails! They sound really sweet, but in the end the proportions were just right. As a starter we shared the lobster pizza. This pizza was okay, but not really memorable. It’s definitely not something that we’d order again. There’s just that feeling of a lobster being “wasted” on a pizza.

After that, Thysia had the lobster ravioli and Kelvin the filet mignon. We can say one thing: our main courses were delicious! Kelvin waited until the last week of our trip to try a real filet mignon, and he was so happy that he waited for that! The meat was tender and tasty, just like he hoped it would be! Thysia’s lobster ravioli was great as well, and the portions were so big! It took a lot of effort to finish the plate, just because there was so much ravioli. It really was an amazing dinner, and we get the hype now!

Keep in mind that it is quite pricey here. This was our most expensive meal during our 5 week road trip, we paid a whopping € 225! 🤯

Where: 113 N Robertson Blvd

Catch LA

Another celebrity hotspot is Catch LA, a stunning rooftop restaurant located in West Hollywood. The concept is that you order everything you want in advance, as soon as a dish is ready it is brought to the table. Because of this, you don’t get the best opportunity to take pictures of all the food at the same time. The good thing is that your food arrives fast. 😉

The interior is really marvelous. Upon entering, you could order a cocktail at the bar until your personal waiter took you to your table. We were looking forward to eat outside with views over LA, but every table was packed. Fortunately, the romantic and intimate setting inside compensated for the views outside. 😍 Next time we visit, we’ll definitely ask for an outside table! 

Catch LA has an extensive menu, and everything sounds delicious! From sushi to fish and meat dishes, there really is something for everyone. We decided to order the grilled octopus, lobster macaroni, baked king crab hand rolls, and the truffle avocado roll. All to share, of course. Although every dish was delicious, we totally recommend the grilled octopus and baked king crab hand rolls. These two dishes had just that extra sparkle we were missing in the other dishes! They really stood out, and we’d order them again in a heartbeat.

Again, we didn’t spot any celebrities. 🙁 Just our luck we guess… Fortunately, the food more than made up for this! If you are looking for the perfect fine dining experience in an intimate setting, make sure to put Catch LA on your bucket list. And who knows which celebrity you might spot? 😉

Where: 8715 Melrose Ave

Mama Shelter

A stunning rooftop overlooking the iconic Hollywood Sign? Say no more! Mama Shelter is a vibrant, colorful rooftop with some incredible city views of LA. We visited this rooftop on our first night in LA. Our time in LA couldn’t have started any better! We ordered some sharing dishes, accompanied by some tasty rosé sangria. Yes, we ordered a pitcher. 😳

The food was good, although we were a little disappointed in the crispy tofu bao. It just didn’t have much flavor, which is crucial when you want to make tofu. The fries with truffle oil were okay, but we expected (or hoped for) more truffle flavor. We’re big suckers for truffle, and this time it could’ve had more flavor in our opinion. Two dishes we really liked were the crispy shrimp hand roll, and the Nashville hot fried chicken. You could really tell they put a lot of love in those dishes!

We talked about the food, but it’s mostly the views that stuck with us. To have our first dinner in LA with an amazing view of the Hollywood Sign, just incredible. We didn’t even know in advance that we could actually see the sign! It was such a nice surprise, a perfect start to our time in LA. Also, there’s a section of the rooftop where you can only get drinks (no food) and it had a really cool vibe. They played great music with lots of people dancing. If you’re looking for good food, amazing views and an amazing vibe, look no further!

Where: 6500 Selma Ave

Lobster & Beer

We already dedicated a whole blog post about our experience at Lobster & Beer, but still wanted to mention it as one of the restaurants in LA you need to try. Especially if you like to eat lobster, you’ve come to the right place! Lobster & Beer makes lobster accessible to all. From the timeless classic of lobster rolls to more creative options like lobster tacos and loaded lobster tots, their menu has it all! If you’re curious about our recommendations, be sure to read our blog post about Lobster & Beer.

Check the locations here.

Grand Central Market

By now, you’ll probably know that we have a thing for food markets. We already visited food markets in numerous places like Rotterdam, Barcelona, Brussels,… We just love trying different dishes and cuisines! It’s really fun to order a lot of different types of food, and discuss afterwards what we liked the most. Grand Central Market was at the top of our bucket list. It is located in the historic downtown Los Angeles, less than a 10-minute walk from The Broad museum. Or if you happen to know it, right across the street of the Angel’s Flight Railway, the world’s smallest railway!

Grand Central Market brings together the diverse cuisines and cultures of LA, and we’re all for it! From Japanese and Thai to Mexican and Italian, you’ll find it all here. After much hesitation, we chose to order some Thai comfort food at Sticky Rice. Our decision was heavily influenced by how many people were waiting in line. We were so hungry that we went for a stall that had some people waiting (so we know it’s good), but where the line was still manageable.

We ordered the pad thai and pad krapow gai (spicy basil chicken with jasmine rice). Even though there were plenty of people waiting in front of us, the food was ready in less than 15 minutes. Hats off to the chef for the speed! The pad thai was tasty, but pretty basic. It was just like you expect a pad thai to taste, but it didn’t really stand out for us. Maybe that’s a sign that this pad thai was really good? No surprises, it tastes just like you expect. The pad krapow gai, on the other hand, was such a flavor bomb! It had lots of greens, spicy chicken, and jasmine rice, and everything was soaking in flavor. The portion was really big, too, so you really get your money’s worth. Definitely worth trying the pad krapow gai if you are visiting Grand Central Market.

A stall we didn’t try because the line was too big, was China Cafe. The prices seemed very reasonable and the food looked really nice. And judging by the amount of people that were waiting for their order, we should’ve visited this stall, too!

Fun fact
They also have an Eggslut here. 😉

Where: 317 S Broadway

Din Tai Fung

After spending an entire day exploring Universal Studios Hollywood, we were so exhausted we didn’t feel like going out to a restaurant. Uber Eats to the rescue! We love eating out, but sometimes a good takeout is at just as good. And you don’t have to dress up. 😂

It was already fairly late when we decided to order something, so a lot of restaurants were already closed. We stumbled upon Din Tai Fung, a Taiwanese dumpling chain. Since we both love dumplings so much that we could eat them every day, the choice was quickly made. 😉 The reviews were great and the delivery time was very reasonable, too. Sounds like a perfect match!

We ordered the cod dumplings, vegan buns, chicken spicy wontons, noodles with spicy sauce, and chicken fried rice. Quite a lot, we know. 😳 We did a lot of steps at Universal Studios Hollywood, and didn’t eat much there (because everything was quite expensive). We had some damage to make up for. 😉 Our empty stomachs were ready to be filled!

The food arrived, still hot, and everything was delicious! We were amazed at how fresh and hot everything was. We really didn’t expect this when we ordered takeout! You can’t really go wrong with either dish we ordered, but if we had to pick one favorite it’d be the cod dumplings. They were absolutely incredible. We have eaten veggie or chicken dumplings many times before, but this was a first for us! It really broadened our horizons when it comes to dumplings. 😋 The chicken fried rice was great too, Kelvin just couldn’t get enough of it!

Where: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd

Burrata House

Burrata House

On one of our last days in LA, we discovered that our hotel had a rooftop. We knew there was a restaurant located inside the hotel, and we thought this was the “terrace” they were talking about. To our surprise we discovered that the hotel had a rooftop as well! To take full advantage of it, we decided to order something through Uber Eats (again 😳) to eat on our rooftop. We came across Burrata House, we’re both big burrata lovers so this sounded like something for us!

Burrata House offers panini, salad bowls, pasta, and antipasti. We were in the mood for a sandwich so we ordered two panini. You could choose between a selection of sandwiches, or you could build your own custom sandwich (BYO). We decided to create our own sandwiches, this was much more fun! Kelvin went for a sandwich with burrata, prosciutto, grilled zucchini, basil, caramelized onions, sundried tomatoes, and truffle cream. Thysia chose a sandwich with burrata, arugula, grilled zucchini, basil, pesto, balsamic glaze, sundried tomatoes, and truffle cream. Yes, we both love burrata and truffle. 😉 Some would say our sandwiches were overloaded, but for us it was just right. There were so many choices, you could choose your cheese, veggies, proteins, sauces… We love this concept! It brings out our inner chef. 😂

Our sandwiches were delivered in half an hour, and they tasted incredible! They were richly topped (also thanks to our own choice of toppings, of course) and contained only fresh ingredients. The sandwiches were quite big, too. Our hunger was stilled after we were done. In Rome, we ate the best sandwiches ever at All’Antico Vinaio. We can honestly say that All’Antico Vinaio may share its first place with Burrata House! We really don’t say that lightly, we mean it. What we recommend you do is look at the “basic” sandwiches that are already on the menu. Pick your favorite, and then start customizing! It’s a really cool process to make your own sandwich, and we guarantee you the quality will be top notch!

Check the locations here.

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