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Lobster & Beer: a delicious duo worth exploring

Lobster & Beer takes comfort food to the next level with their heavenly combination of (drum roll)…: lobster and beer. From the timeless classic of lobster rolls to more creative options like lobster tacos and loaded lobster tots, their menu has it all! They invited us to try some of their lobster dishes with the perfect partner in crime: amazing beer. We have to admit we never tried the combination of lobster rolls and beer before but it sounded like a delicious duo worth exploring!

Our experience

It was hard to choose which dishes we were going to try, preferably we would have tried every lobster dish! Eventually, after a long debate, we went for the Cali Style Truffle roll, Connecticut roll, lobster tacos and lobster grilled cheese. Since we’re not familiar with American beers, the staff gave us some beer recommendations. It ended up being Summerfest, a local beer brewed by Sierra Nevada brewing co. This Pilsner (5% ABV) is only available during the summer months of April – July. It was the perfect match for our lobster dishes. To our delight, this refreshing beer was even available on draft so bonus points for that (Kelvin was particularly thrilled as he has a soft spot for draft beers)!

From the very first bite, we were astounded by the generous portions of succulent lobster meat present in each dish. We’re both huge lobster lovers and have already tried lobster rolls in numerous places and cities. We can honestly say that we have never tasted so much lobster meat in a lobster roll before! Each brioche bun was filled to the brim. When we brought the roll to our mouths for that first bite, meat fell out left, right and center. 😳 Totally worth it though! Besides the abundance of lobster, each dish was also full of flavor (recommendations coming up 😉). The beer paired perfectly with lobster, which was a pleasant surprise and is definitely something we’ll try to recreate on our own. We totally get where the concept comes from! Lobster paired with beer truly is a delicious duo worth exploring.

Our recommendations

With our taste buds still buzzing with excitement, we would like to offer our personal recommendations from Lobster & Beer’s exceptional menu. The Connecticut Roll, featuring warm lobster meat, is an absolute must-try that will leave you craving more. For a burst of flavor, we recommend the lobster tacos as an appetizer. The combination of lobster, chipotle aioli and pico de gallo really blew our minds (and our mouths 😋). To complete this lobster and beer symphony, we highly recommend pairing your lobster dishes with the Summerfest beer. Match made in heaven!

Lobster & Beer has several locations spread across Los Angeles. We went to the venue in Santa Monica before heading out to the Santa Monica Pier. They have a cozy terrace where you can enjoy delicious food and fresh beers in the sunshine. What more do you want? Lobster & Beer promises a warm and satisfying experience that will leave you craving more. Even if you’re not into lobster, Lobster & Beer is worth a visit! They also offer dishes with short rib, shrimp, crab,… Even non-lobster lovers can find something to enjoy. 

Where: 530 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica

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