Food heaven at Gare Maritime Food Market

Gare Maritime Food Market is a must-visit destination for foodies in Brussels. Whether you’re in the mood for fish and chips, sushi or even some sweets, you’ll find it here. Discover food heaven at Gare Maritime Food Market, the perfect spot to try different cuisines and dishes.

About Gare Maritime Food Market

Gare Maritime Food Market is an indoor food market in Brussels with several stands of street food. They offer a very, very wide selection. You can order Belgian classics of course, but also food from other cuisines like the Korean kitchen and other international cuisines. They have meat-, fish- or veggie-stands, so this place really has something for everyone! You can choose to eat a full meal (one dish) such as a pasta, or you can order some sharing dishes such as a cheese and charcuterie board. This is our preferred way: order a lot of small things from as many stands (and cuisines) as possible, and then discuss which dish we like the most!

The interior is super cozy. The market is located in a repurposed former railway station which gives you an awesome vibe (those who’ve been to Musée d’Orsay in Paris will know what we’re talking about). There’s plenty of room with some large tables, but also some more intimate booths. This means you can come here to eat as a couple as well as with a large group. In the middle you’ll find the bar, where you’ll find a variety of beers, wines, soft drinks,… You can view the menu of the different stands via a QR code on your smartphone, and can also place your order and pay for it the same way. That’s something we really like, order at your own pace, the freedom to look around without being “pressured” into ordering… Nice!

Our recommendations

We really tried a lot of stands here, so we think we can give some good tips about what to order where.

Cocktails from Sugarlandia

First of all, don’t sleep on the stand Sugarlandia. Although it seems like they just offer desserts (like tiramisu and brownies -which they do), you can also order cocktails here! So if you want your savory dish accompanied with a (sweet) drink: check them out. 🤩

Vol-au-vent from Bart

If you’ve never tried the Belgian classic “Vol-au-vent” (a puff pastry filled with a combination of chicken, mushrooms, and small meatballs, covered in a creamy sauce) you can get your first one at Bart. This stand offers chicken-dishes with a twist (and fries of course). While you’re at it, order a Tripel Karmeliet from the bar, it doesn’t get any more Belgian than that! Tripel Karmeliet is a golden Belgian beer with 8,4% alcohol, that won the Best Pale Ale at the World Beer Awards in 2008.

Flemish beef stew croquettes from 140!

We really recommend the flemish beef stew croquettes from stand 140!. The thing we really liked about the croquettes is that they were really true (in flavor) to an actual “stoofvlees”. If you order some fries with it (and a big splash of mayonnaise of course), it really feels like you’re eating beef stew, the Belgian way (meaning: brown sauce, made with lots of beer).

Kimchi Bao from Korean Tiger

Another personal favorite was the Kimchi Bao from Korean Tiger. We really are kimchi lovers, and the people at Korean Tiger really know their kimchi! This is a veggie bao, but they also offer versions with pulled pork, or with smoked eel. If you want to taste something new and refreshing, make sure to check the options of Korean Tiger.

Sushi plate from Tomorrowland

Last but not least: the sushi plate from stand Tomorrowland was really good too, and the perfect way to end an amazing evening. With the sushi plate, you really get your money’s worth (even some spring rolls come with it) so you can fill those last empty spots in your stomach the right way.

Where: Picardstraat 9, 1000 Brussels

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