Our food favorites in Paris

Paris equals amazing food and restaurants. There are so many good food options in Paris, it can be tough to pick the perfect spot. That’s why we made a selection for you, so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong choice. Whether you want to grab a quick bite, or you’re in the mood for fine dining, discover our food favorites in Paris. 

1. Pink Mamma

Food favorites Paris: Pink Mamma

We start with our absolute favorite: Pink Mamma, located in the heart of Pigalle. We heard and read so much about this restaurant that our expectations were sky high and we decided to come here on our very first day (approximately one hour after we arrived in Paris). Chances are you have seen some pictures of this place pass by as well, since the restaurant really is Instagram-famous. Pink Mamma is the place to be for foodies, influencers and bloggers, and it shows.

To give you a quick review: Pink Mamma did anything but disappoint us, on any level! A beautiful setting with delicious Italian food at reasonable prices, what more could you ask for?

Pink Mamma

To start we shared the bruschetta topped with stracciatella cheese and tomatoes, and the octopus carpaccio. Both dishes were delicious, only the carpaccio was a bit on the pricey side for this rather small portion. As a main course we took the famous truffle pasta (Thysia is a reaaalll truffle lover) and the pasta with swordfish ragu and tomato sauce. If we could recommend one dish it would without a doubt be the truffle pasta! The truffle sauce was finger licking good, the best we have tasted, period. We were worried that the portions were going to be too small (it looked like that in the photos), but this is definitely more than enough.

Where: 20bis Rue de Douai

Tips before planning a visit to Pink Mamma

Make a reservation in advance! Long queues are standard here, even for those with reservations (and they do check if you have a reservation). Definitely look 2 to 3 weeks in advance to book a table, especially if you are only in Paris for a short time and want to secure your spot.

A second tip goes along with our first recommendation: take the earliest time available and make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before opening time. Otherwise, chances are you’ll have to stand in line for a while. We had reservations at noon and arrived 10 minutes before time, there were already 6 people in front of us. In the “no-reservation” line, there were as many as 20 people that were already lined up!

Last but not least: Pink Mamma has several floors where you can eat. The top floor is by far the most beautiful. If you are among the first, you can ask to be assigned a place upstairs. There are not that many tables here, so if you are half an hour late, this floor is already completely full.

2. Moloko

Moloko Paris

For a romantic dinner date, Moloko is the place to be. This restaurant is on the more expensive side, but the original and delicious dishes are definitely worth it and make up for (most of) the price. It is an Asian fusion restaurant, located a few steps from Pink Mamma, and specialised in “fine-dining”. Moloko is only open from Thursday to Sunday, from 8 PM. Reservations are recommended, as in most restaurants in Paris, but when we visited (on a Thursday) the restaurant didn’t look fully booked. Of course, during the weekend (Fri – Sun), this may not be the case!

The intention is to share several dishes, accompanied by a tasty cocktail. We were really hungry and ordered: the Wagyu Beef Tacos, Chicken Yakitori (skewers), Bay Scallops, Chilli Crab Bao buns, the Crispy Shrimp and the Yellowtail Roll. The dishes taste even better than they look!

Before disclosing which dishes were our favorite, we can say that every dish was really tasty and original. They use ingredients that you don’t think will go together, only to realise it is heavenly! This place really knows how to combine different flavors. Our personal favorite is the Yellowtail Roll. It’s a sushi roll with crab and yuzu truffle: two of our favorite flavors combined. Be sure to taste the Sugar Free cocktail as well: a cocktail with rum, pineapple syrup, passion fruit puree and amaretto. Really super delicious!

If you’re looking for a super romantic, high class dinner that serves some of the best cocktails we’ve ever tasted, Moloko is the place to be.

Where: 26 Rue Pierre Fontaine

3. Pizzou

Food favorites Paris: Pizzou

If you’re in the mood for some fresh, original and amazing pizzas, Pizzou is the place to be! They offer delicious pizzas made with fresh and local ingredients. We had one with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and a local ham, soooo good and refreshing. The other one was topped with homemade pesto, burratina and cherry tomatoes. Both pizzas were so fresh and yummy! From the ham to the burratina and mozzarella, every ingredient was amazing and so fresh. You can tell the people at Pizzou make them with love, and it shows! We also ordered a wine to go with our pizza, it matched perfectly with the pizzas we had. We felt like true Frenchmen drinking wine on the terrace of this Parisian street.

Check the locations here.

4. Perruche

Food favorites Paris: Perruche

Perruche is a stunning rooftop restaurant in Paris that offers breathtaking views of the city and its iconic Eiffel Tower. We came here for lunch and ordered the rigatoni pasta with burrata and the black truffle pasta, accompanied by two delicious cocktails. The rigatoni was really good but the truffle pasta was nothing out of the ordinary. Not that it was bad or badly made, but they’re just wan’t anything special with it, and it also did not enough have enough truffle flavor. Fortunately, the cocktails and the view made up for this! And, as stated before, Thysia’s rigatoni was really good so we definitely recommend that. Two things to keep in mind, though: the prices at Perruche are on the more expensive side (think € 35 for a pasta) and without a reservation it is difficult to get in. If you want to be sure of a spot, we recommend to book in advance. Perruche is the perfect place to enjoy some cocktails with a view of the City of Light!

Where: Printemps de l’homme (9th floor), 2 rue du Havre

5. Homer Lobster

Food favorites Paris: Homer

As lobster lovers, we are always looking for the best lobster rolls everywhere we go. Having already eaten countless of them, including in Belgium and New York, we can say with certainty that Homer Lobster has the very best lobster rolls in the world. The lobster roll is served in a warm brioche bun (delish!), filled with perfectly cooked lobster that melts in your mouth. For the real lobster lovers, you can go for an XL portion of lobster for an extra € 5. A normal roll is € 20.

We have been here no less than 3 (!) times, that’s how much we liked it. The first time, the waitress recommended the Classic and Connecticut. These are the most “basic” sauces and their go-to for “first-timers”. The classic is a cold sauce based on mayo and chives. The Connecticut is a sauce based on warm melted butter with lemon, mayo and spices. During one of our next visits, we also tasted the Amarillo: our personal favorite. It is a spicy sauce with herbs and spring onion, so tasty! We were also curious about the grilled cheese with lobster, so we tasted that too. The grilled cheese was delicious, no doubt, but it’s the lobster rolls that stuck with us ever since that first bite. This address is highly recommended for anyone who wants to grab a quick but delicious meal.

Check the locations here.

6. L’as du Fallafel

L'as du Fallafel

If you’re looking for a quick bite on the go, look no further than the amazing L’as du Fallafel. This little spot serves some incredible falafel. For only € 8 you get a really well-filled falafel pita with lettuce, cabbage, cucumber and a slightly spicy sauce. Our first bite was sooo good, we were contemplating buying another one already! The herbs used in the falafel are to die for. Combine that with a great sauce (that you can “spice-up” to your liking) and you have the perfect lunch!

The only downside about this place was that they are literally too good. Their food is so delicious and popular that you’ll probably have to queue for quite a while. In our case, during the August heatwave of 30+ degrees Celsius, there were about 20 people in front of us queuing, which amounted to about a 20-minute wait. They do take your order when you’re already in line (to make sure you’re not wandering of to their rivals across the street probably) so there’s that. We can both confirm though that it was definitely worth the wait!

Where: 34 Rue des Rosiers

7. Frenchie to Go (FTG)

Frenchie to Go

FTG has become a go-to spot for those who are looking for delicious burgers and hot dogs. You’ll find classics like a smash burger or a chicken burger, as well as more creative versions like a fish burger or one with pastrami. We tried the fried chicken burger and a hot dog and both were prepared to perfection! When (not even “if”) we come back, we’ll definitely go for the pastrami burger as pastrami is one of Kelvin’s latest addictions! FTG is the perfect spot to grab a quick and delicious bite while exploring the city.

Where: 9 Rue du Nil

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