Our favorite restaurants in Marrakech

Marrakech’s cuisine consists of more than just its classics like tajine and couscous, it has an incredibly rich and varied cuisine. You can find a combination of simple, authentic restaurants and international, trendy hotspots in this wonderful city. Marrakech really is the place to be for foodies, that’s why we want to share our favorite restaurants here. We guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed!


Our favorite restaurants in Marrakech: Limoni

Hidden behind a small wooden door, you can find Limoni, a charming Instagrammable restaurant that serves both Italian and Moroccan food. When entering Limoni, you discover paradise in a beautiful, calm courtyard full of lemon trees and remarkable mosaics. We shared the pizza Limoni, a mouth-watering pizza with sherry tomatoes, mozzarella, stracciatella, rocket and lemon zest. As main course we went for the ravioli limoni with ricotta and lemon, and the dromedary burger. Both courses were an absolute poem, we really recommend this place for both the food and the setting. When ordering our virgin mojito, the waitress informed us they did serve alcohol if we wanted (at a surplus of around 20 dirham). We tried one “real” mojito, which was enjoyable but not the best so if you’re looking for (fairly) cheap cocktails, Limoni could be the place for you without breaking the bank!

Where: 40 Rue Diour Saboun


Our favorite restaurants in Marrakech: L'mida

L’mida is a trendy, lovely rooftop restaurant with an amazing view of Marrakech. On the menu you will find Moroccan-inspired dishes and some tasty mocktails. We went for the Marhba, a mocktail with raspberry, basil and lemon juics and the Chreb ochouf, a non-alcoholic drink with orange blossom, ginger and sparkling water. We tried different dishes here, but what we really recommend are the Morrocan spiced kefta meatballs and the chicken tajine served with cousous. Both dishes were finger-licking good, we ate tajines at multiple restaurants but we never ate one as good as here. For the vegetarians among us we recommend the lentil croquettes with crumbled feta.

The prices are reasonable, it isn’t the cheapest place but the spectacular setting and the delicious food are worth it. They were well below Western-European standards, and since they do not serve alcohol you won’t be able to spend big on drinks. We wanted to come back, but never really found the time!

Where: 78 bis Derb Nkhel Rahba Kdima

Café Clock

On the menu of Café Clock you can find a variety of traditional Moroccan dishes. The café has a cozy interior with an authentic Morrocan vibe and a marvelous rooftop terrace. If you’re looking for a place with a good vegetarian menu, then Café Clock is the place to go. We got the veggie and cheese toasted sandwich and it was heavenly good. The chicken sandwich was also very tasty and came with a lot of french fries on the side. We ordered one traditional mint tea as well, which could provide tea for the both of us which was nice. The waitress informed us the place got quite busy during the evening (and night) so bear that in mind of you’re coming here for dinner.

Where: 224 Derb Chtouka

La Trattoria

Our favorite restaurants in Marrakech: La Trattoria

La Trattoria is by far one of the most romantic restaurants we’ve ever been to. This beautiful Italian restaurant is located in the centre of Guéliz. Our table was situated next to a pool with some lovely golden lamps, so romantic! We wanted to order every single dish here but we decided to go for the Spaghetti Vongole and the Lasagne Alla Trattoria. Both our meals were really delicious, and our plates were empty within 5 minutes! We couldn’t leave without getting some dessert as well, that’s why we shared the liquid chocolate cake. The prices are on the expensive side, but it is totally worth it! La Trattoria is the perfect spot to have a romantic and tasty Italian dinner with your significant other. They offer a wide variety of cocktails and bottles of wine/champagne, although pretty expensive (even for Western European standards).

Where: 179 Rue Mohammed el Beqal


Our favorite restaurants in Marrakech: Kabana

Located in the heart of the medina you can find a tropical rooftop terrace called Kabana. At Kabana you can enjoy some food and cocktails while looking down at the city of Marrakech. The menu of Kabana includes some delicious fingerfood, tapas and sushi. We went for the octopus, the gambas and the truffle fries. Every plate was delightful, and we have to give a special shoutout to the Pornstar Martini-clone we drank over there! It had the right amount of alcohol, a rare occurence in Marrakech. Kabana is the perfect place for a signature cocktail and some sharing dishes surrounded by the breathtaking views of Marrakech.

Where: 1 Kissariat Ben Khaled R’MILA, Rue Lalla Fatima Zahra


This popular restaurant is located in the middle of the famous medina of Marrakech. Nomad has multiple rooftop terraces with some dazzling views over the Atlas Mountains and the spice square (Place des Épices). The menu consists of creative Moroccan dishes, with a modern twist. We went for the nomad burger, this was truly the best burger we ever ate. We almost didn’t order it, which would’ve been the biggest mistake ever! It was a spiced lamb burger with caramelized onions and harissa mayonnaise, cooked to perfection. We also ordered the vegetarian plate with tzatziki, chickpeas and quinoa, but the lamb burger is the one that’ll stick with us for ever.

Where: 1 Derb Aarjane

Café des Épices

Café des Epices

Café des Épices is no longer an insider tip, but it is still worth mentioning. From the rooftop terrace you have a magnificent view over the spice square. The interior of this place is as beautiful as the outside, the colours and design represent the traditional Marrakech style we admire and adore. Café des Épices offers a variety of choices, we really liked the chicken burger with curry and guacamole.

Fun fact
While eating here you can see Nomad on the other side of the spice square. When we ate at Nomad, our cellphones even connected to the WiFi of Café des Épices!

Where: 75 Derb Rahba Lakdima

Le Jardin

Le Jardin

Situated in the heart of the souks you can find Le Jardin, a magical atmospheric backyard with beautiful plants all over the place. You can enjoy some original mocktails and eat typical Moroccan food at this oasis of greenery. We had a short lunch break with the brochette of chicken breast and the grilled chicken sandwich here. The prices were very affordable and you get a loooot of food for your money. We highly recommend the Anytime mocktail, it’s a sweet cocktail with pineapple, coconut cream and mixed red fruits.

Fun fact
Le Jardin has the same owner as Nomad!

Where: 32 Souk Jeld Sidi Abdelaziz

Terrasse des Épices

Our favorite restaurants in Marrakech: Terrasse des Epices

This rooftop restaurant with a stunning panoramic view over the city is a popular spot for tourists, trendy locals and even celebrities. We went here for Thysia’s 26th birthday, it was our last evening in Marrakech and we wanted to experience a memorable night.

In the evening, Terrasse des Épices sets a convivial mood with intimate tables and romantic lightning. The menu mixes Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes. The lobster ravioli with harissa is literally to die for! We are both lobster-enthusiasts and let us tell you one thing: at Terrasse des Épices, they really know how to make ‘em! The grilled vegetables we do not recommend, since they are just seasoned vegetables stored in the fridge and that’s it. It didn’t ruin our meal though, as we had plenty of other dishes that needed (and deserved) our undivided attention. Terrasse des Épices is rather expensive, we recommend celebrating a special occassion here but coming here every night will definitely cost you a fortune.

Where: 15 Souk Charifia Sidi Abdellaziz

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