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Casa Lenta: a romantic desert getaway

Nestled in the middle of the desert lies a hidden gem: Casa Lenta. This romantic bungalow leaves you and your partner with nothing but the beauty of the desert and each other’s company. With its luxurious amenities, including a private pool, bubbling hot tub, and a modern interior, Casa Lenta is tailor-made for couples in search of an unforgettable romantic escape. Discover everything you need to know about Casa Lenta: a romantic desert getaway.

Casa Lenta

Casa Lenta: a romantic desert getaway

Casa Lenta was undoubtedly one of our favorite accommodations throughout our 5 week road trip through the Southwest. We wish we could’ve stayed here forever! It had everything we wanted and more, but more on that later. 😉 The bungalow is located in the middle of the desert, but still close enough to explore Joshua Tree NP. Win-win!

We chose this Airbnb for its luxury, remoteness, and amenities in abundance. We had a private pool, hot tub, gas BBQ, and firepit at our disposal. And that’s just the exterior of the bungalow!

Hot tub Casa Lenta

We used the hot tub several times a day, it was simply amazing. Whether it was a jump in the jacuzzi to wake us up, or a relaxing end of our day, the jacuzzi did his job. The views from the hot tub were incredible as well, especially for sunset. We cannot stress how romantic it was to end our day in the jacuzzi, whilst watching the sun set in the desert 🥹.

Interior Casa Lenta

On to the interior of Casa Lenta, then. The interior of this bungalow is simply magnificent! It’s a modern bungalow, with everything you need and more and so much attention to detail. There’s an oven, dishwasher, coffee maker, dining table, smart TV, airconditioning, and so much more. Literally everything is available here, and the WiFi is really fast too!

Casa Lenta

Because the kitchen was absolutely fully equipped, we made dinner multiple times here. The kitchen and BBQ were so nice, it’d be a shame not to use it, right? This also saved us some money, so definitely a win-win. 😉 We also made s’mores by the firepit, this was so cozy!

Our thoughts on Casa Lenta

Casa Lenta is the perfect place for a romantic desert getaway. We stayed 3 nights at Casa Lenta and paid € 220 per night, it was worth every penny! It is the perfect accommodation for a romantic desert getaway near Joshua Tree, with everything you need at your disposal.

If you decide to book this place, we highly recommend at least 3 nights. That way you can explore Joshua Tree NP at your own pace, but it still leaves enough time to chill by your own pool and have a barbecue. Using Casa Lenta solely as accommodation without making use of all its amenities and functionality would be a waste!

Where: 62787 Lind Lane, Joshua Tree CA

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