5 days in Paris: Budget Breakdown

Paris is a city of love, lights, and endless possibilities. It’s no wonder that it’s at the top of so many people’s travel bucket lists. From visiting iconic landmarks and museums to exploring the French cuisine, we’ll give you a glimpse into what it cost us to experience the City of Love. Get ready to be inspired and possibly pick up some tips on how to save some euros during your own trip to Paris. Bon voyage!

How much did our trip to Paris in August 2022 cost? Here’s our budget breakdown for 5 days in Paris:


We had initially booked an Airbnb months in advance, but the host cancelled on us the moment we arrived in Paris. Apparently there was water damage and the whole building needed to be evacuated. This forced us to quickly find a replacement (and also dispute the host as he wanted us to cancel instead of him). So, whilst sitting in a cafe, we found a really nice Airbnb with a bath in the middle of the room. It was located in the trendy Rue de l’Université, making it the perfect base for our stay in Paris. Because we were forced to make a same-day reservation, this inflated the price a little bit (although we didn’t go for the cheapest option and chose beauty and convenience above everything). We paid € 830 for 4 nights. The price may seem steep, but let us tell you, everything is Paris is expensive.

Two side notes on our stay in Paris: we went to Paris in early August, which therefore is high season. High season is between June and August because that’s when it’s summer and you have nice weather. So to keep prices down, it is recommended to go to Paris off-season, when accommodations are also much cheaper (preferably late spring or early autumn as Paris can get rainy).

A second note is that we were literally within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, which also makes the price go up. If you are willing to walk a bit more, it is definitely recommended to stay a bit further away from the tourist attractions. This will save you a lot of money!

Total cost of accommodation for 4 nights: € 830


Fortunately, we didn’t have to worry about booking flights for our trip to Paris as it was only a 3-hour drive from Belgium. However, we did have to pay around €80 for parking for the whole week. We used an app called Parclick, which was really convenient and helped us save a lot of money on parking. All we had to do was pay upfront via the app. We then received a QR code that we could use to enter the parking lot. Our parking spot was located just a 2-minute walk from the Notre Dame (so pretty much in the center).

In addition to this, we also used Uber for some of our transportation needs, as we had been to Paris before and we’re always wary about the Paris public transportation. The fact we chose easiness (and safety) above cost means this added up to a total of € 383,78 for transportation expenses.

Total cost of transportation: € 383,78


During our time in Paris, we treated ourselves to some of the best dining experiences the city had to offer. From fine-dining Japanese restaurants to classic French bistros, we didn’t hold back when it came to trying new and exciting foods. We sometimes went for the “Instagrammable” spots, but there were moments where we just wanted a quick bite and settled for the restaurant that looked most appealing. We also ordered multiple lobster rolls to go, which definitely added up to the total amount.

It’s important to note (again) that Paris is a really expensive city when it comes to dining out. Even a cocktail as an aperitif before your meal will cost at least € 15. Although we maybe spent a little more than anticipated, we firmly believe that it was worth every penny. After all, you only live once, right?

Total cost of food: € 1 001,10

If you’re a foodie planning a trip to Paris, be sure to check out our food favorites in Paris – trust us, it will be worth your while.


Paris is known for its vibrant and trendy cocktail scene. We definitely took full advantage of this during our 5-day trip. This included not only cocktails at fancy bars, such as a speakeasy disguised as a grocer, but also multiple wine-bars and cafés where we sat and people-watched for a while. And, in a rare moment of weakness, we even stopped at a Starbucks. The cocktails and wines in Paris were great, the beer (as a Belgian) not so much. We did, however, find a (presumably) student bar that had a happy-hour and that were serving local beers from Belgium. During the Paris heatwave, this was a welcome surprise for Kelvin.

Total cost of drinks: € 168,20


During our trip to Paris, we were able to take advantage of the city’s rich cultural history and visit a variety of museums. We purchased a Paris Museum Pass for Thysia, which allowed access to over 50 museums and monuments throughout the city. Kelvin was able to enjoy free admission to most museums due to being under 26, which really helped to bring the costs down. Although we didn’t quite get to the 50 museums that were included in the pass, we were however able to visit more than a handful – all for less than € 100 total thanks to the Museum Pass and Kelvin’s free admission.

Overall, the Paris Museum Pass proved to be a valuable investment for us. We highly recommend it for anyone planning on visiting multiple museums during their trip to the city. If you’re over the age of 25, be prepared to pay at least double the amount we spent on this expense. Make sure to buy the Museum Pass, as individual admissions can add up quickly in Paris.

Total cost of sightseeing: € 89,33

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This category includes miscellaneous expenses such as supermarket purchases. We bought some water at the supermarket as the heat was unbearable at times. We were also craving a late night snack one night, and ended up ordering some food through Uber Eats. Finally, we did some minor shopping, but -if you’ve read our Rome report– nothing to the extent of our trip to Rome. All in all, this category totaled € 176,41.

It’s important to note that these expenses are specific to each person and can vary greatly depending on individual preferences and needs. For example, we visited Paris to try out new foods and visit lots of museums. If you’re a shopaholic this “Other” category can quickly become the main “Shopping” category for you!

Total cost of other expenses: € 176,41

Total of our 5 days in Paris

Here is our budget breakdown for 5 days in Paris in August 2022:

Total per category for the two of us

🛏️ Accommodation: € 830 (€ 207,50 per night)
🚕 Transportation: € 383,78 (€ 76,76 per day)
🥐 Food: € 1 001,10 (€ 200,22 per day)
🥂 Drinks: € 168,20 (€ 33,64 per day)
🎨 Sightseeing: € 89,33 (€ 17,87 per day)
🛍️ Other: € 176,41 (€ 35,28 per day)

💰 Total: € 2 648,82 | € 529,76 per day for 2 | € 264,88 per day per person

We spent € 529,76 per day for the two of us, which translates to € 264,88 per person per day. Taking into account the high season and the fact that Paris is on the more expensive side anyway, we can agree with the total amount. We could have saved on transportation, but Thysia is not a fan of public transportation in Paris. Besides, we are real bon vivants, and a nice meal can always please us. One less lobster roll would certainly have made a difference in cost, but not in our happiness! That being said, we are convinced you can visit Paris for less. A reasonable daily budget per person (mid-range) would be around € 200.

We don’t regret anything, we would do it again in a heartbeat! Our trip to Paris was an unforgettable experience. From the moment we arrived in the City of Love, we were swept off our feet by its breathtaking beauty, rich culture, and iconic landmarks. From the glistening Eiffel Tower to the stunning Notre Dame Cathedral, there was no shortage of things to see and do. And don’t get us started on the food!

Tips and tricks for saving money in Paris

Now, you probably noticed we did splurge a little and you probably don’t want to do the same. Here are our recommendations on saving money while in Paris:

1. Accommodation

Don’t go for the “Eiffel Tower view” hotels that cost big bucks. You can see the tower from almost anywhere in the city. Instead, pick a location that is nearby everything you want to see, without having to pay extra for the Eiffel Tower view from your balcony. You’ll be out exploring and not watch the Eiffel Tower from your balcony all the time, right?

2. Transportation

It seems like a recurring thing for us, but transportation is something we can save a lot of money on, and so can you! Instead of spending over € 300 in Uber rides like we did, buy a public transportation ticket (under € 2 a pop) and spend your money elsewhere. Paris traffic is a nuisance anyway!

3. Sightseeing

Get the Paris Museum Pass. The Paris Museum Pass offers three options: a 2 day ticket, a 4 day ticket and a 6 day ticket. If you’re sure you’ll be visiting more than 3 museums, it is recommended to go for the Museum Pass as this will save you big time! The longer your ticket is valid for, the more it costs BUT you’ll get even greater rewards and you have more time wandering around.

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