Countdown to our biggest adventure: 1 year around the world

The secret’s finally out: we’re going on a world trip! After months of searching, planning, and preparing, we can finally share our biggest adventure with you. In 2024 we will travel around the world for (at least) a year. Our journey will take us across continents, through cultures, and into the heart of adventure. We’ll be embracing the unknown, discovering hidden gems, and immersing ourselves in all the beauty the world has to offer. We’re so excited and can’t wait to share our journey of a lifetime, as we document every step, every destination, and every emotion along the way. Follow our biggest adventure: 1 year around the world!

Our world trip itinerary

Over the past few years, we created a bucket list of countries we definitely wanted to visit. We mainly used Lonely Planet to get inspired. From Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia to Namibia and Mauritius, our list kept growing! We had to make a lot of choices, both in terms of budget and duration, otherwise it was impossible to fit everything into our world trip itinerary. We chose the continents of Asia, Oceania, and Latin America to narrow it down a little.

The first six months we are going to travel around Asia. We’re all set to kick off our world trip adventure on January 22, 2024, starting in… 🥁 India! After we’re done exploring Asia, we will spend the next three months in Oceania. Last but not least, the last three months we’ll explore Latin America. We cannot wait! Of course we are not going to list all our countries yet, you will hear about them along the way. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @tastingsunsets to stay up to date on our world trip adventures and destinations.

Next steps

Determining our world trip itinerary was the fun part. Next up was the practical part, like setting our budget and figuring out the documents and vaccinations we needed for each country. In our world trip preparation guide you’ll find more information on what steps to follow to plan a world trip.

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